Canada Day @ Granville Isl.

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 :: 11:55 am

There were so many people out and about on Canada’s 139th birthday yesterday! People were in red and white everywhere, and everywhere you went there were flags, pins, tattoos with the maple leaf!

I headed down to Granville Island for the afternoon with a couple of friends, as the Vancouver International Jazz Fest was also there. Enjoying the music under the shade with the cool breeze was definitely nice. There was even a family performing which had the son on electric bass, daughter on vocal, and father on guitar, they were really good!

Man on stilts handing out lots and lots of Canadian flags!

Handing out Canadian flag

Shutter speed: 1/250s / Aperture: f/6.3 / Focal: 40mm / ISO: 100

Hockey on stilts! Oh boy!

Hockey players on stilts

Shutter speed: 1/250s / Aperture: f/8.0 / Focal: 28mm / ISO: 100
Big big Canada flag

Large Canada flag

Shutter speed: 1/250s / Aperture: f/8.0 / Focal: 18mm / ISO: 100
What an adorable dog in the festive mood :-P

Dog with Canadian flag

Shutter speed: 1/125s / Aperture: f/5.0 / Focal: 46mm / ISO: 100
Jazz festival vocal singers

Vancouver Jazz Festival

Shutter speed: 1/200s / Aperture: f/5.6 / Focal: 50mm / ISO: 100
A family band performing, they were great!

Vancouver Jazz Festival

Shutter speed: 1/80s / Aperture: f/3.5 / Focal: 50mm / ISO: 100


Shutter speed: 1/250s / Aperture: f/6.5 / Focal: 50mm / ISO: 100
Got permissions from these pretty ladies in Downtown all dressed up!

Festive dressed ladies

Shutter speed: 1/160s / Aperture: f/6.3 / Focal: 28mm / ISO: 100

6 Responses to “Canada Day @ Granville Isl.”

  1. N Says:

    wow how did u ask those ladies to let u take their pic? XD (不會一副色老頭的樣子吧?!..哈哈哈~~)

  2. CJ Says:

    hmmm~ the feathered ladies remind me of how I was dressed at my high school graduation ceremony…

    (for performance, PER-FOR-MANCE!!! XD
    I was dancing to “Night in Shanghai”!!)

  3. a70 Says:

    N: You don’t need to look like a 色老頭 to ask people to take their photo!! I think most people who wear like this want people to notice them ba!

    CJ: When I saw your first sentence I was like, “Wow, CJ is so brave to go up there dressed like that to accept her graduation certificate!” :-P

  4. bearu Says:

    you went?!?!?

    should’ve called me T___T

  5. CJ Says:

    you are forgetting… in TW, we NEVER get our grad certificates at the ceremony. :P we don’t even get our names called out…

  6. a70 Says:

    bearu: Oops, forgot… but you had more fun on Sunday :-P

    CJ: How can I forget something I never had? I never graduated there, hehe XD

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