2006 HSBC Celebration of Light – Mexico

Sunday, August 6th, 2006 :: 11:10 am

So here it is, the final night of the four fireworks shows in Vancouver. I have to say, I usually don’t go to this many fireworks in one year, maybe two max in previous years. This year three was enough for me I think.

Mexico, the new contenders, showed some very original style I must say. They probably used the biggest space in the sky of all teams, shooting far left and right, trailing fireworks that goes from the highest point right down into the waters. They used a lot of golden fireworks, but their music wasn’t all that great. At the end of the day though they were the winners out of Italy, China, Czech!

This time I tried something completely different… holding down the shutter for as long as possible, combining many fireworks together, interesting. Again, click for larger versions ;-)

Shutter speed: 10s / Aperture: f/13.0

Shutter speed: 6s / Aperture: f/13.0

Shutter speed: 15s / Aperture: f/14.0

Shutter speed: 19s / Aperture: f/11.0

Shutter speed: 20s / Aperture: f/8.0

Shutter speed: 14s / Aperture: f/22.0

Shutter speed: 21s / Aperture: f/18.0

Shutter speed: 14s / Aperture: f/22.0

Shutter speed: 15s / Aperture: f/16.0

Shutter speed: 15s / Aperture: f/16.0

Shutter speed: 23s / Aperture: f/14.0

Anviwas right, learn the rules and then break them :-) I think last year he pretty much sums up what I was thinking… if I may quote:

1. See a dim trail of light launched from the ship.
2. Press button. (Opens Shutter)
3. Wait for the burst to finish.
4. Press bu.. oh wait! there’s more!
5. Wait for the second burst.
6. Drool at the sky
7. one more, just oneeeee more burst
8. Press button. (Closes shutter)
9. Sees 80% overexposed (all white) photos.
10. Cry.

Haha :-D

5 Responses to “2006 HSBC Celebration of Light – Mexico”

  1. Anvi Says:

    Ahh, my good apprentice. You shall one day defeat me.

    One day.

    *evil laughter*

  2. nat Says:

    hope you dont mind! i linked you on my xanga ^_^

  3. Alex Says:

    i’m jealous.

  4. etan Says:

    once again…nice shots =)

  5. a70 Says:

    Anvi: Master is all too powerful :-P Somehow that laugh bothers me, haha.

    nat: Oh! Too kind :-)

    Alex: You know where to look for jobs now next summer ;-)

    etan: Thanks!

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