Server/connection issues

Sunday, October 8th, 2006 :: 11:36 pm

I’m still here…

It’s just that for the past few days I’ve been having some network issues between me and the server. I don’t think you’ll notice anything different – it’s just me. :-( Even posting this takes me 5 minutes.

I’ve got a post lined up, but can’t upload the images. What’s a photoblog without photos ;-) Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

4 Responses to “Server/connection issues”

  1. Alex Says:

    whats wrong with ur connection? did they dig up the wrong cables?!

  2. 小N Says:

    o_o 難得一篇沒有圖的…
    which internet service r u using??

    (and how come u still managed to finish watching the stupid clip on wi’s page and comment about it? =w= lol)

  3. a70 Says:

    Alex: Hahaha, no, my connection is fine to any other site, just to my webhosting server.

    小N: I’m on Shaw just like you!

    Haha, that clip was hilarious, yeah! Why didn’t you go to the icebreaker? :-P

  4. 小N Says:

    aiyo when did i change my name? XD hahaha

    well cuz i was lazy… =w= but then i went anywayz hahahaa (for the first part)

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