Frozen Tree

Monday, November 27th, 2006 :: 6:20 pm

UBC was out of power and snowed in, so I got a much needed day off!

Posting one that I really like from today first, the colours of the sky caught my eyes as I was on my way home already. I stopped and took pictures of just this tree for ten minutes. Pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, grey. I haven’t seen skies like this in a while, especially on a snowy day :-)

Slightly colour corrected, but I remembered it to be like this!

Frozen tree and dog

Shutter speed: 1/125s / Aperture: f/6.3 / Focal: 20mm / ISO: 100

9 Responses to “Frozen Tree”

  1. 小N Says:


  2. tiana Says:

    wow! gorgeous picture sam

  3. tree Says:

    haha, what’s the big doggy doing there? he seems cute !

  4. S Says:

    stunning = i can almost smell the freshness of air after the first snow

  5. Lydia Says:


    好喜歡這張照片喔! ^_____^

  6. Lakche Says:

    Lovely colour!!
    很像 animater 新海誠筆下的天空呢!! :D

  7. a70 Says:

    小N: 嘴巴不用張那麼大 :-P 對阿,很美!!

    tiana: Is this your first visit? Thanks!

    tree: His/her owner was playing a game of throw/catch with snowballs :-P I actually took another one at same angle, but without the dog, didn’t know which one is more catchy~

    S: Thanks! The snow is fresh alright!

    Lydia: 謝謝 :-)

    Lakche: 有那麼夢幻嗎? :-D

  8. Edmond Says:

    You should start designing postcards.

  9. a70 Says:

    Not quite there yet :-)

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