Mystery package

Monday, August 13th, 2007 :: 10:44 pm

Last Friday, as I stepped in the door, I saw a brown dented box sitting on the living room table…

Mystery box addressed to me

Shipment box

Shutter speed: 1/50s / Aperture: f/3.5 / Focal: 18mm / ISO: 400

What’s under here?

Styrofoam packaging

Shutter speed: 1/80s / Aperture: f/4.5 / Focal: 18mm / ISO: 400

Lo and behold, it’s my new Canon Speedlite 430EX flash that I ordered online a few weeks ago. It has arrived safely from the US without being taxed a single cent! :-D

Canon flash

Canon Speedlite 430EX

Shutter speed: 1/25s / Aperture: f/4.5 / Focal: 38mm / ISO: 100

I want to try portrait shots!

Now extending an open call to anyone who would like a free photoshoot session ;-) Email or leave me a comment.

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  3. a70 Says:

    alice: 如果是炸彈還放的上來嗎? 哈哈

    娃娃: Yes yes!

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