Last light

Saturday, December 1st, 2007 :: 1:14 am

Sunset over the Pacific, November 23rd

Sunset over ocean

Shutter speed: 1/250s / Aperture: f/9.0 / Focal: 200mm / ISO: 100

6 Responses to “Last light”

  1. 小N Says:

    wow 看起來好詭異~~~ 0w0

  2. a70 Says:

    不是因該看起來美嗎? :-( haha

  3. gege Says:

    Wow!! What a sunset!!! a half egg,hahaha~~

  4. a70 Says:

    I’ve got one with a “whole egg” too :-P

  5. 小N Says:

    cuz it looks so huge!! XD

  6. gege Says:

    Where is the “whole egg?” I want to see it…..:-P

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