Sun Run 2K10

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 :: 11:41 pm

I was pretty surprised to hear that many of my friends were running the Vancouver Sun Run this for the first or second time, since it’s a pretty big event in Vancouver! For me, it’s the 11th year running – I’ve participated ever since Gr. 8… time does fly.

This year was bigger than ever, and having it in the month of May means that there are better chances of sunshine. For the first time, I wasn’t freezing my legs off waiting for the bus (thanks to the Canada Line, and 12 degrees when I left!). My time de-proved, I blame that on too much sitting and not enough weekly exercise, haha. Time to live a healthier lifestyle!

I miss finishing off the run in BC Place Stadium. This year it was all outside on the Concord Pacific lot, but I found the lines to be quite chaotic and hard to find people.

How many of you ran the Sun Run?

Sun Run 2010 Start

2 Responses to “Sun Run 2K10”

  1. aw Says:

    Ran it last year, trapped on the Island this year, hahahaha. It was fun but I enjoy the Grouse Grind much more ;)

  2. a70 Says:

    Grouse Grind took a bit more time for me, and it’s a bit more challenging. I think the mentality of thousands of others running with you helps to keep you going! (and the fact that you’re never last!)

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