Murray + Jasmine [Wedding]

Monday, August 30th, 2010 :: 11:54 pm

You might remember me posting a couple weeks ago on Murray + Jasmine’s engagement session a year ago.

I’ve finally gotten around to organize them for the blog. Their wedding spanned over the weekend of July 10-11th, and they had lots of ideas for their wedding! The first day consisted of the actual ceremony at their house, then Jasmine wanted a horse-drawn carriage ride around Stanley Park! The second day consisted of hilarious wedding games like dancing to Wondergirls’ “Nobody Nobody”, tea ceremonies for both families, and the dinner reception at Shiang Garden to finish off the two epic days. Oh, who can forget 7-11’s free slurpee day ;-)

Both Murray and Jasmine had some creative ideas for shots they would like, like “Abbey Road”, and the shots in their computer room (it was actually taken on two separate days if you look carefully!). I was honoured to be there from start to end, and it was so fun to work with Murray, Jasmine, the groomsmen, and the bridesmaid (whom were all my friends!)

Congrats again Murray and Jasmine!

6 Responses to “Murray + Jasmine [Wedding]”

  1. pikochan Says:

    ahh, such beautifully capture photographs. Nicely done!

  2. nicky Says:

    Beautiful! ^^ Good job, Sam! And congrats to the newly wed couple~ :D

  3. a70 Says:

    Thanks Alice and Nicky!

  4. Shane Says:

    These are awesome photos, Sam!

  5. aw Says:

    i love them! great shots sam!

  6. a70 Says:

    Thank you guys! :-)

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