Nominations and votes

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 :: 11:09 pm

So I saw this from a friend’s site. It’s the 2006 Photobloggies Awards.

So the jist of it is that they are holding an awards ceremony for all the top online photoblogs in the world! Lots and lots of different categories, including different countries, themes, subject, etc. Anyone can place their nominations/votes as long as you enter a valid email address. You can put as many as three or as little as none in each category.

Nominations are accepted till May 8th. I don’t even know which one I should enter for, but it looks like Best Canadian Photoblog, Best Kept Secret, and/or Best New Photoblog fit my site… or any other one that’s suitable.

If you want to cast a vote, head to My URL is in case anyone doesn’t know. ;-)

Thanks! :-)


Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 :: 10:14 pm

I was browsing other blogs when I noticed the use of “Read more”. I’ve seen this before but never made use of it. Maybe I’ll start using this. Saves everyone all those downloading time when all you want to see is one post :-) If you want to are interested in that post, then click to continue reading… :-P (RSS people won’t see much change, really)

Or is an entire page full of pictures better than the extra click? I don’t know… oh well, try it anyways.

Every single day…

Saturday, February 4th, 2006 :: 2:28 am

Well, I finally did what I thought myself was impossible, and that is to blog everyday… not just for the LE Blog event, but even for thirteen consecutive days right after that, and now my calendar for January looks like this:

Blogging everyday

That’s right, every single one is clickable on the sidebar… it’s been busy, having to come home everyday and figuring out what to post, but it was very enjoyable going through all those pictures. I’ll give myself a small break, but will still blog on a regular basis. In the meantime, you can still browse my archived posts. I won’t forget to post those panoramas and the fruits I promised! ;-)

Blog Spam

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 :: 8:00 pm

Stupid spammers. They crawl the web and look for WordPress sites and post comments directly. That’s one of the bad things about being listed in Google, you are bound to get attacked some day. Argh.

I’ve had comment spam before, but it’s always not that bad. Today when I got home my email inbox had 47 new messages! 41 of them were from my own blog site, as I have set it up to notify when there is a comment waiting for approval (most or all “real” comments post right through). Look, it’s just a portion:

Incoming spam - twice

And it’s sitting there waiting for me to do something:

Awaiting moderation

Good thing WP has a pretty good comment spam filter, none of them made it out to the world, but I just modified something else to strengthen that. Hopefully it’ll be better.

/end rant

Move Complete

Saturday, December 31st, 2005 :: 12:45 pm

If you see this message, the DNS has changed over and I’m on the new host! Welcome once again! :-)

If you encounter some page not founds or errors, please post a comment or email me to report them! Thanks!